You’re probably getting a home renovation right now and your contractor or a friend suggested you should get Epoxy Paint for your home and you have no Idea what it is. If you’re in this article for that reason then you’re in luck. By the end of this you’ll be able to get the basic gist of what an Epoxy Paint is. Ready? 

Epoxy is a material composed of thermosetting polymer, very similar to plastic but has a specific hardener and looks like a hardened colored resin. This type of flooring is known for its uses for adhesive purposes. There are a lot of products that can be produced mixed with epoxy.  

Epoxy’s characteristics are very unique. It’s usually the most ideal choice due to its chemical resistance, durability, design and affordability. Epoxies are composed of a base and curing agent. When there is a high temperature generated because of a certain chemical reaction, this produces a hard mixture. This type of flooring is not ideal to placed directly exposed to sunlight. Epoxies lose their shine when exposed to UV rays.  

This type of material is not one hundred percent pure epoxy. It’s usually mixed with certain additives that make it more durable, reduce brittleness and make it hard. Certain epoxies are made with increase factors of performance like inept resistance to water, chemicals, fluctuating or rising temperatures, yellowing and application underwater.  

Unlike other surfaces there are things to be considered before applying epoxy paint. For example, it’s not suggested to apply epoxy or paint on a galvanized area. This layer usually peels overtime and may affect the epoxy applied above it. 

The best way to achieve a great epoxy finish is with a three-coating epoxy paint system that is settled on a clean white surface.  

Commonly, epoxies are used as flooring for warehouses or businesses that usually needs floor impact durability like hospitals, clinics, garages, kitchens and many more. It’s also suggested that you visit someone who has this type of flooring in their home so you can feel it for yourself or if you would like professional advice when it comes to epoxy paint and the likes, call a professional. 

In Sherbrooke, there are a number of readily available professionals that can answer your concern and even help you asses what options you can have for your home. These professionals can give you an estimate as to how much it would cost to fully refurbish your house with epoxy coating or epoxy paint and also help you decide if you have other options in mind. 

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Do you now have a proper grasp of what is an epoxy paint? It’s pretty simple right? And I’m sure you’re still considering having this added to your home as a renovation.