Cracked windshields are unsightly and that’s a given. But more than just being concerned with your car’s aesthetics, you should also understand that the slightest damage in your windshield can keep you from driving safely.   

If you see that there’s chipping, cracking, or any hairline scratches on your windshield, have it checked by the professionals right away. Don’t ignore these issues as the problem could get so much worse if you don’t take your car to the repair shop.  

Why Cracks on Windshield Happens  

Windshield damage happens for a lot of reasons, but mostly to pressure, impact, or collision. Anything that strikes your windshield hard, regardless if it is a small stone or a big bird, the impact may cause damage on the glass.   

That’s the most common way why windshields get damaged, and if it does, you have to take immediate action as soon as possible. Cracked windshields are safety hazards to you, as the driver, and to anybody who is sitting on the passenger’s seat.   

How Windshield Cracks Affect You  

No matter how small the crack is, it can greatly influence the integrity of the whole glass. That small crack could weaken the windshield, thus causing more damage to your vehicle than you can imagine. Experts are strongly against neglecting these cracks.    

Furthermore, the crack can impede your vision while driving. That’s the most hazardous that you can get, as you would be affecting the pedestrians and other drivers as well. This is the reason why in most states, there are ordinances and laws that prohibit drivers to take cars with a damaged windshield on the road.   

How to Get Cracked Windshield Fixed   

The kind of repair or replacement that you need will depend on the size or type of the windshield chip or crack you have. Windshield repair is way cheaper than replacement but unfortunately, not all cracks can still be repaired. A small crack or chip may still be repaired using a strong adhesive, such as clear epoxy. However, there are some that are beyond repair so you must heed the recommendations of the professional for that.   

Before you take your vehicle to the auto glass repair shop, try to contact your car insurance provider first. Ask if they are going to cover the costs of the repair, a good part of it, or not at all. That way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to pay for.   

What to Do If Your Windshield Gets Cracked  

It’s mandatory for you to take the care to the auto glass repair shop as soon as you can. However, you must do these things in the meantime. First, do your best to keep the dirt and debris from penetrating the crack or chip. Dirt will only make the damage more difficult to fix. Try to put clear tape on the crack for protection.   

You shouldn’t wash your vehicle either as it will only make the crack worse. At the same time, avoid exposing your vehicle to extreme temperatures. Park your car in a shady spot if it’s hot and in a covered garage if it’s cold. For further assistance, contact a reputable Orlando windshield replacement company.