If the spring of your garage door gets broken, what do you do? It’s an inconvenience that homeowners dread as it affects their schedule or the entire day. A broken garage door spring is a security risk. If the spring is broken, then an unscrupulous individual can just break open your garage door with a crowbar and invade your property. In essence, if your garage door spring is broken, you can’t leave your home until you have it fixed.  

It means that you can’t take the kids to school, report to work, run errands, or do anything else outside your home. The only thing that you can do is call in the experts in garage door repairs Parramatta to have the door repaired before you can go back to your daily activities. You might find this situation very frustrating and that’s understandable.   

What to Do with a Broken Garage Door Spring 

Garage door springs tend to break so you just have to be prepared for that to happen. That’s because these springs always work under a lot of pressure and stress. Garage door springs are more likely to break during the winter season. They break because they technically carry the garage door’s entire weight. They are designed to extend, wound, tighten, and loosen as you open and close your garage door. It’s actually the springs that raise your 300-pound garage door. So if ever your garage door gets broken, below are the things that you should do.  

  1. Move your vehicles out.

If the garage door spring gives, it’s but natural for you to get all your vehicles out of the garage. Pull the emergency release cord so you can raise the garage door manually. Be careful when doing this as without the springs, the garage door is very heavy. It might even be tough to do this task on your own, so you have to ask help from somebody else. If the door dropped while raising or opening it, get out of the way immediately so it won’t fall on you.  

  1. Look for the garage door springs.

If you have been doing some inspection on your garage door yourself, then you’ll know where the springs are. They’re usually on the sides of the garage door. You won’t miss it as these springs are huge and made of steel. Their job is to extend the garage door so that it can be raised easily.  Finding out where the garage door spring allows you to check if it’s really the one that’s causing the problem. By doing so, you’ll also know what type of garage door spring you have. This is an important detail when calling in for repairs.  

  1. Hire the experts in garage door repair. 

You can’t install garage door springs on your own. To get it installed right, you need the help of the professionals. Installing garage door springs is a long and complex process. It has to be done right because an improperly installed garage door is a hazard. To properly install the garage door spring, the right tools and the expertise of professionals are needed.