You may have neglected your swimming pool due to your busy schedule and thought that it’s a waste of energy to keep the filtration system going so you decided to turn it off, and after coming home from a vacation out of town, you realized that your pool is no longer blue. 

Algae spores are brought to the pool via the atmosphere like wind and rain. It can also come from contaminated swimsuits. And to top it off, the perfect condition for algae to live in your pool would be Low Free Chlorine, Nitrates and Carbon Dioxide, Warm weather and Poor pool circulation or no circulation at all.  

Algae is not really a harmful substance to swimmers, but would you and your guest love to dive in a pool looking like a green pile of goop? I don’t think so. Algae can also clog up your filtration systems and it takes a lot of work and money to clear this up.  

Here are some ways you can remove algae from your pool: 

In order to save time and money you must prevent the algae from contaminating your pool from the very beginning. Proper chemical balancing will help prevent algae blooming in your pool. High Ph and Low chlorine are the best conditions for algae to start manifesting and living in your pool.  

General cleanliness is also a major factor when keeping an algae-free pool. Make sure the filter is not clogged up and usage of automatic cleaners are a big help. Scoop up debris that falls into the pool, or invest in a quality pool cage enclosure for you to totally be free from falling leaves, bugs and debris in your pool. If you already have a pool enclosure and you still see this stuff in your pool then you might need repairs or rescreening, then call Boca Raton rescreening company. 

If it’s already too late, and algae have already formed, what you can do is shock the pool. Shocking the pool is just simply pouring in a very high dosage of chlorine. Make sure to not let anyone swim in the pool when you do this. Once the chlorine settles and kills the algae, you will need to clean it up. You will also need to make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it and that the chlorine level is back to a safe range where people can swim in it again.  

If you think this is a tedious job, you can contact a professional pool cleaner. Or someone who can clean your pool and repair your broken or damaged pool enclosure. If you’re in Boca Rato area in Florida, Boca Rato Rescreening offers these and a variety of services that can meet your pool cage enclosure needs.  

Keep your pool clean! It would be a waste if you just let it turn into a big pile of green goop! Clean it or have it cleaned now!